Welcome to My World of Expression!

Hi, my name is Myrna, and I hope I will inspire you to create and express yourself!

My passion is creativity and I am in a constant state of keeping busy. I have an endless “to-do” list of ideas I’ve dreamed up and want to bring to reality!  Whenever I see or feel a need to solve a problem, I create!  When I want to communicate an idea, I create!  When I don’t like the way something looks or I want to make it better, I create!  I create, simply to explore all the possibilities.

I do many things as an artist, a designer, and a stylist.  My passion to create is driven by my life journey and my artistry today is a culmination of over 35 years of experience in Graphic Design, Special Events Design, Branding, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.  I know I confuse some people with the many different ideas I have, the projects I’ve completed, the ones I’m working on now, and of course the ones still running around in my head.

There will always be people who don’t think as you do and who believe you should focus on one thing.  Others may not take your creativity seriously, and a few will be frustrated and confused by everything you do.  They can’t understand, because they can’t do what you do.

It’s all good!  Move forward!  Believe in those ideas floating in your head!  You are blessed to have creativity flow in you.  When those ideas rush in and imagination flows, don’t ignore it and forget it. Listen to it, embrace it with passion, love it with your heart, and let it inspire and motivate you.  Be the creative person you are.  Let the creativity burst out of you and express yourself!

Myrna Artistry is my “creative to-do-list”, my “creative expression”.  My Great Reveal!

I will be posting weekly inspirational DIY projects,  unique products that inspire creativity,  home decor ideas and designs, green artistry, food and fashion for our furry friends, soft goods and hard goods artistry, and crafting projects.  I especially welcome your ideas, your thoughts, your inspiration, and “Your Great Reveal”!


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