I’d Like a Window Seat Please

window1JPGOne of my very best friends, Marsha, I’ve known for over 35 years. When she had her kitchen renovated and she added a window seat in her kitchen/dining room area, she asked if I would help her sew the fitted slip covers for her window seating.

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Meet “The Furry Sisterhood”

Anyone who comes to visit me knows that they will be met by a welcoming committee of the “Furry Sisterhood”.  You’ve only met the furry sisters in my posts through photos, so let me take this time to introduce you to Pikachu, Kiwi, and Coco,  the  “Furry Sisterhood”.

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Gift Bags That Keep On Giving

When it comes to wrapping up gifts, that’s a whole new bag of tricks for me.   I love wrapping gifts!  What I love is the many creative ways you can come up with to make that gift look really special.

The sky’s the limit with your choice of wrapping material, your container, and your decorative accessories. Today, more and more people use gift bags, because it’s so much more easier to just stuff the gift in the bag, cover it up with tissue, and you’re done!

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Let’s Take A Walk

I walk every day around the neighborhood with Coco.  Actually she takes me for a walk, and I follow her.  We walk at least twice a day, once in the morning and again right before it gets dark.  I always take my cell phone with me not to chat, but to take photos of anything that is interesting or inspires me.  I’ve found that snapping photos with my cell phone is less threatening for the people or the homeowners in the neighborhood I walk through than if I carry a camera around.

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Pillow Talk

Let’s talk pillows!  Pillows are just about the easiest thing you can do to decorate or redesign a room in your home. It’s a quick way to bring color into your living room, change the ambiance in your bedroom, or redo any room simply because you want a change.  By the way, meet my 10-year-old Yorke, Kiwi, above…she loves jumping in pillows! Continue reading “Pillow Talk”

When Zen Meets Balcony

One of the things on my creative “to do list” was my daughter’s balcony.


balconyrightLooking at her plain ordinary balcony brought back memories of the days when I was still a kid watching my dad redesign our patio.  He was always doing something new to it.  I watched our simple everyday concrete patio turn into a green room with a brick-red painted balconyleftfloor surrounded with latticework  which my mother then decorated with greenery, and of course some of her starched doilies. You know those doilies found a way into every room in our house then.

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First Time Around

Okay, here we go!  My first post!  What to write?  What to Write about?  I have to say that I am so happy that I finally got to this point. To be able to start posting, is a real a miracle, right now.  Only because, my children have wanted me to do this for so long.  I’ve had so many projects that I have completed and stashed away in my closet, only to be appreciated by family and friends and yours truly. They have wanted me to just “get it out there”, instead of storing it away in the closet again, to collect dust.

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