It has taken me over 35 years to get here, and I can say humbly, that I did not get here by myself.

I praise God for every path of my journey, and for every goal I have reached. He has been my guide always. Myrna Artistry is everything I reach for and is to Honor Him.

There are special people in my journey to whom I dedicate Myrna Artistry: To my children, Jon and Janelle, who have given me purpose to keep going and for inspiring me with your creative successes. To my very special daughter-in-law, Gloria, your commitment and drive to bring your dream into reality has empowered me to not give up mine.  To JT, the man in my daughter’s life, your ambitious diligence and perseverance to transform your life, has inspired and humbled me. 

And of course, to my good friend, Marsha, thank you for letting me use your house as my gallery and work studio; and for believing and supporting me throughout my journey with your inspiration, your creativity, your helping hand, your honesty, your spiritual guidance and God’s Word.



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