Fruit For Thought

Oranges in a bowl. I set up these fruits specifically as a subject for this painting for a friend.
Oranges in a bowl. I set up these fruits for a still life I painted for a family member. Acrylic on Canvas.

The other day as I was preparing a banana for my breakfast smoothie, I realized my life is like a bowl of fruits. The traditional phrase, “Life is just a bowl of cherries”, means that life is going well and everything is going smoothly. On the other hand, it is also used ironically, to mean the opposite.

My creative life is “a bowl of fruits”, not  “a bowl of cherries”. Well, it can’t be in my case, because as much as I do love eating cherries, I don’t because cherries upset my stomach and messes with my plumbing!

My life is like a bowl of fruits!  First of all, with everything I do, I try to approach with some artistic point of view. I believe my eye for detail as an artist not only affects how I see everything, but it also affects my sense of organization and order. Whether it’s order in my home, my files, or my kitchen drawers, I don’t like chaos. They all have to be neat and organized. So, of course, when I have a bunch of fruits, you can bet it will be displayed in a bowl and arranged with care.

What do you do with the fruits you just purchased from the store? Do you gently place each fruit in a bowl arranging them carefully like a work of art? Do you just dump the fruits out of the grocery bags into the vegetable bin? Do you wash the fruits first before putting them away? Are you too busy and in a hurry, so you just leave them in their bags, place them in the refrigerator, and deal with them later? Or maybe you grab one and eat it as you put away your groceries? Then again, maybe you just dump out the fruits over the table or kitchen counter and leave them where they roll. Think about your own life and how you go about managing your daily tasks and responsibilities. Is your life organized or is it chaotic?

I believe my choice of fruits says much about how I accept change in my life. Throughout my life journey, I’ve had to take many risks, putting myself out there without a parachute. I do the same with foods and fruits. I love discovering new tastes. I love going to an International Market where there are so many exotic looking fruits. Do you always buy the same fruits, or seek out something more exotic? Yes, at times you may or may not like how they taste or feel, but nevertheless, it’s about just letting yourself go, trusting in your decision and keeping the faith. In the end, it’s not about the end result, but just doing it! You can’t live life, learn and grow, if you don’t try!

Do you avoid fruits you have to prep like melons, avocados, or pineapples? Do you only like fruits you can easily eat on the run, like grapes, bananas, and apples? Do you pick fruits based on their texture, color, size,or whether they have seeds or not? How you prep your fruits gives an insightful view into your organizational and time management skills in your daily life. Do you spend time to prepare your fruits in interesting recipes for meals or salads? Do you cut up your melons and place the cubes in a Tupperware or plastic storage bags, or do you just cut what you want to eat and wrap the remaining melon with Saran Wrap? Do you wash your fruits before eating them? Do you forget your fruits are there, only to discover them turning brown in the bowl? Do you run out of fruits and never fill the bowl for weeks? So how’s your time management skills? If you can’t manage and organize your daily life, you definitely don’t have the time to spend prepping fruits!

How you eat the fruits say much about your health. Do you eat them as snacks? Are they your quick grab-on-the-run breakfast-to-go, I don’t have time to cook breakfast? Do you find recipes and make time to prep your fruits for smoothies, or delicious salads and meals? Do your fruits serve to fulfill your sweet tooth cravings, so you won’t grab for that chocolate cake? Do you peel or eat skins and all? Do you grab your fruits and eat them on the run as a quick meal on the go?

It’s crazy how a simple bowl of fruits, can reflect your daily life!

The bowl of fruit in my life looks like this. My bowl is a glass bowl so I can see all the fruits even at the bottom. I love all kinds of fruits, seedy ones, fuzzy ones, smooth ones, exotic ones, except cherries, of course. I carefully wash all my fruits and melons after purchasing them, dry them and place them in the bowl like a floral arrangement. I like fruits that I can eat as is, or prep as snacks in plastic bags; and I love fruits in my salads and desserts. I don’t mind fruits that require much prepping to eat, like mangos, pineapples and avocados. I love baking with fruits, and I love to cook, but I don’t like recipes that mix the sweet taste of fruits in meats or fish. I enjoy making my own smoothies for breakfast every morning, so I always have bananas, assorted berries, fruits and greens in my freezer. After purchasing my fruits, I check them over, wash and dry them, and prepare some of them in zip lock bags as ready to eat snacks and freeze some for my smoothies. I leave the rest of the fruits in the bowl on my dining table so I can eat them at home or use them for my recipes. In the meantime, my bowl of fruits makes a nice piece of room decor on my kitchen counter or on my table.

A bowl of fruit in my life, just like me, does many things. First, my bowl of fruits serves as a bowl filled with food and snacks. Sometimes, it serves as a subject for my painting or photography,  a decorative piece for a table or a shelf, or even a subject for my blog.

Because I’m a stickler for detail, and organization, I do subject the fruits  to a system and a process as soon as it enters my kitchen. I spend the time to wash each fruit and remove any labels. I immediately prep them for either the freezer for smoothies, for baking, or snacks. Spending the time to care for them not only makes for my healthy eating, but saves me a lot of money in the long run. I don’t like wasting food and especially throwing them out when they spoil because of my negligence. I also love to make my dogs homemade treats, so I also prep some of the fruits like bananas and apples for my dog cookie recipes.

Of course, let’s not neglect those of us who don’t have bowls of fresh fruits at all. I confess, there are times I will just buy frozen fruits for my smoothies and dessert recipes. I’m human, so I confess, the frozen stuff makes life so much easier and I love being lazy once in a while!

Well, now you’ve got a good picture of my “bowl of fruits” in my life. The next time you fill a bowl of fruits, take a closer look and see what your bowl of fruits is really saying about you.



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