Rainbow To Happiness

Ever since I was a child, I was interested in art.  When my teachers assigned art projects, I didn’t just draw, paint or create what was asked of me. I usually came up with something so different, my teachers never quite knew what to do with my creations. My parents never really took any interest in my artwork. It wasn’t because they didn’t care, it was just the times. My parents worked all the time, and never had the time to participate in any of the things me or my siblings were involved in.

Except for one art project which I involved my baby brother. He was only about 3 years old and for his birthday, my mom and dad gave him a little car to drive around in. My father took a great photo of him, which I confiscated for my art project. I was about 10 years old then. My teacher assigned us to create a poster using a photograph. Everyone in class made posters with magazine clippings of trees, landscapes and fruits and the like.  Me, I created a Wanted Poster with my baby brother’s photo with giant letters “W A N T E D for CAR THEFT, sitting above his head.  He was posed sitting in his car with his hands on the steering wheel with a guilt-like sneer on his face.   I added his height, and weight, and age and the rest was history.  Of course, it was brought up to my parent’s attention. I didn’t get in trouble…in fact, it was the first time my parents saw anything I did, and they had a good laugh about it.

I really don’t know what ever happened to that piece of artwork.  It didn’t matter, because that piece of art was just the beginning of many.  I did many more unconventional creations thereafter.  Some I could call art, and many were more like projects I dabbled in around the house. My father was a real handy person and creative. I think he was my first exposure to DIY projects.  He would take anything around the yard and build something out of it. I know what I know today about being a handy person, gardening, cooking, crafts, using tools, and being resourceful, because of my dad. After my dad passed away, I realized how creative and multi-talented he really was, and I was just like him.

It wasn’t until I found a book by author Douglas Eby, Developing Multiple Talents, that I realized I was one of the people he wrote about. I have many challenges because I have so many interests and passions. What is passion anyway? We use it freely about what drives us, yet what does it really mean?  For me, passion is “what I really, really, really, want to do!”  It’s an inspiration that comes from deep inside and it drives me to just “do it!”. It’s my WOW!

I used to always say that my artwork and my desire to design was part of me.Though I worked my art as a career, it was not just a 9-5 job for me…it was an extension of me.  It was my passion and I was doing what I loved. My one passion for creativity and various interests lead me into a world of multi-creative careers: Graphic Design, Special Events Design, Marketing Communications, Corporate Identity, Branding, Interior Design, Organization and Planning, Executive Management & Administration, and Small Business Start-Ups. I followed my heart, believed in my goals, and acted on my plans. I wanted to do everything, and I did.

Today, I have a wider range of passions and interests, and I am doing my best to fulfill them.  I’m multi-talented,but I doubt myself 98% of the time. I have a list of fears from an elevator not opening, to snakes, and people not liking me because of my art…I’m my worst critic and definitely not perfect.

“I still doubt myself every single day. What people believe is my self-confidence is actually my reaction to fear”. -Will Smith-

I seek out independence and solitude so I can feed my creativity, but I also seek to connect with friends and family because they bring out the best in me.  It’s not just about being passionate, inspired or motivated. When I do my art, I don’t do it to sell, I don’t do it to bring meaning for others, I do it because it brings meaning to me.  If when I share my art, it brings meaning to others, and if my art sells and fills their need, then the end results brings purpose and meaning to me. Should my art bring happiness to others, then I have successfully communicated my self expression.

Call it passion, multi-talented, creativity, gifted…whatever. It’s a RAINBOW of colorful expressions that I have built throughout my creative journey. When you see a rainbow in the sky, it brings a feeling of happiness, inspiration, and hope. Rainbows make you feel happy. And so it goes with my creativity. It makes me feel good and brings happiness to me. Isn’t that the goal of most people, to be happy? We all live our life towards happiness. My artistry is my RAINBOW, my road to feeling happiness. 


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