A Loving Tribute For A Special Angel

pikasit pikaears My Sincere apologies everyone for my absence. It’s been a very busy and trying last few months. Since my last post, so much happened. Aside from being busy preparing for two crafts fares the next coming months of October and November, I am saddened to say that we lost our most faithful, beautiful, and sweetest companion, friend, and loyal family pet after 15 years, God’s Special Angel, Pikachu. Those of you who follow my blog met Pikachu, my Doxi-Chi (Dachshund / Chihuahua mix) in my post, “Meet The Furry Sisterhood”.  We lost Pikachu at 12:30 am Saturday morning, September 13. She had Congenital Heart Failure. We kept her comfortable until her last breath, and even then, she managed a smile for us before saying goodbye. I can’t begin to tell you how hard this is to write, trying to honor her memory and the many, many wonderful years of joy she gave to me and my family.

Pikachu was one-of-a-kind, not just in her unique coloring and her physical stance, but she was special in every other way a dog could be.  She was smart, a quick learner, so very loving, sweeter than candy, and had a wonderful disposition and temperament.  She truly was an Angel.  You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect, friend, companion, and family pet.  Pikachu was 15 pounds of angelic sweetness all wrapped up around five colors of soft, cuddly fur. She was so wise, and had a way of always looking at you as if to say, “I don’t think so!” or “No, you didn’t?” She had real attitude…but very sweet!

Pikachu was the Alpha Dog in the family. The other dogs looked up to her and respected her, and she knew it too! However, when it came to me, she would roll over on her back, submit to tummy strokes and warm hugs, while looking up to me as the Alpha-Mom. When my daughter was little she called me mom, but always stretched out the letter m, like she was meowing. So it would come out like “mmmommm. Well, Pikachu started mimicking her and eventually mastered the sound in the same manner. It was hilarious, because it really sounded as if she was talking and calling mom, just like my daughter would do. She was always right on que, calling me at every meal time, bathroom run, bed time, hug time, play time, and snack time.

How I miss it all now! The pain of not having her in my life is slowly healing. Pikachu was there throughout my life’s journey for 15 years.  She shared my ups and downs, my tears, my joys, my successes and my failures. Every inch of the way, I could always count on Pikachu’s unconditional love waiting for me at home every time I opened the door. We were best friends and we were inseparable, always being there for each other. I’ll always keep my memories of Pikachu close in my heart and eventually, my eyes won’t water when I think of her  and my words won’t break when I speak her name. If you’ve ever lost a family pet, I know you understand the deep loss of losing a loved member of your family. The hurt is deep, very, very, deep!

In keeping with the theme of my blog, “INSPIRATION, IMAGINATION, EXPRESSION”, I want to share with you how Pikachu was my inspiration throughout my creative journey. Whatever motivates us and inspires us to imagine and express ourselves creatively can come from anywhere.  In my journey, much of my inspiration came from family, events, friends, and especially Pikachu.

When she was 5 years old, her cute and unique appearance inspired me to venture into writing a children’s book about the “Adventures of Azure”, the Dog-In-A-Bag. Pikachu is really her nick-name, given to her by my son. Her birth name is Azure, a name I gave her because of her blue hazel starburst eyes. She was the “Dog-In-A-Bag”, because ever since she was a puppy, she traveled in a bag everywhere with me…in restaurants, banks, hotels, client meetings, hair salons, department stores, and even in movie theatres. I don’t doubt that Pikachu was the only dog ever to watch three or four full length showings of “Lord of the Rings”! Yup! She truly was a wonder dog who loved riding in a car, traveling in a bag, and being chauffeured in a bag hanging on my shoulder.

She was my inspiration in designing and repurposing dog clothes from recycled clothes,  and designing unique dog collars (still in the works). I successfully completed the prototype for the toy dog, took it as far as the first round of its patent and trademark, but was unable to pursue it further due to the financial commitment. I did make all Pikachu’s clothes and her furry sisters too, but I design and sew only for friends and family, for now. As for the dog collars, I’m still working on the drawings, and hope to sew the prototypes soon, while still trying to come up with a brand name, as well.

Pikachu was my inspiration for 15 years, and she will continue to inspire me with my memories of her. Inspiration comes to us from anywhere and everywhere, and sometimes from where we least expect it. Pikachu was my beloved family pet. She truly was a gift from God; an Angel, gift wrapped with love and sweetness. The only thing missing was her Angel wings.

With an open mind, a welcoming heart, and passionate creative spirit, I Thank God and Give Him Praise for blessing our lives with Pikachu. She lived a long and happy life filled with love and surrounded by loving family and friends. We truly miss you Sweet Pikachu. Thank you for the many happy years you gave me and my family so filled with unconditional love and beautiful memories. You will always be my Angel, my best friend, my loyal companion, and my beautiful muse!

Thank you everyone, for letting us into your hearts!


4 thoughts on “A Loving Tribute For A Special Angel

  1. A wonderful tribute for a wonderful furry family member. I will miss her very much. Thank you for sharing her with me through the many years.


    1. Thank you Marsha. Pikachu was a small little angel with a huge loving heart. She held your love in a very very special place in her heart throughout the many, many years you became a great part of her life. Thank you so very much for welcoming her into your home, your life, your family and your heart. She loved you dearly.


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