On The Move Again!

Since my last post, I relocated to Fair Oaks California. I believe that there’s a reason for everything, and the same goes for this move. It’s been the story of my life…a life long journey that seems to take me to people and places where I least expect.  I’ve always lead my life believing that I am simply a vessel of God’s plan. “There’s a reason and a season, for every path I’m on.” It’s not up to me to understand, but simply to put my very best foot forward, and make the most of it. I’ve been through my entire life journey believing this, and what I’ve learned is, “My life is not about me”.

Many of us ponder over what our purpose is on this earth. I’m no different…been there and done that! In the end, all you can do is accept the gifts God has blessed you with, whether it be talent, money, or the gift of gab…use them for the good, and instead of concerning yourself with “what’s in it for me?”….concern yourself with nothing more than, “putting it out there, be the best you can be, and touch someone else’s life”.

When my daughter was very young, during one of my pity parties, she reminded me that “other people are God’s children too”.  In other words, when you didn’t get that job because of the other guy, and you become angry and disappointed, remember, “that other guy is God’s child too”, and he may have needed it more than you. I couldn’t argue with my daughter on that note.  She was only 6 years old and was right on! It’s never about me!

So, here I am in beautiful Fair Oaks, California….in Sacramento. It’s super hot, but I’m staying cool! I know God brought me here, so I’m making the most of it, and until He tells me, “it’s time to take another path in my journey”, I’m keeping busy redesigning my patio with my Platta decking tiles, and rocks, which I brought with me from the balcony in LA. The American River is right behind me, so I’ve got some new trails to blaze, a whole new variety of vegetation to photograph, and new adventures on roofs to capture. Follow me when you can and let’s see where I go from here!


One thought on “On The Move Again!

  1. Thank you Myrna for sharing this wonderful and inspiration message. You’re right, when we agree to become a wiling vessel to do God’s work, we have to let go and let Him. We never know where He will take us on our journey’s, but he’s always sure to take care of us! Thanks for sharing that important loving message.


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