I’d Like a Window Seat Please

window1JPGOne of my very best friends, Marsha, I’ve known for over 35 years. When she had her kitchen renovated and she added a window seat in her kitchen/dining room area, she asked if I would help her sew the fitted slip covers for her window seating.

Working with Marsha on one of her projects is lots of fun because she is not only very organized, and knows exactly what she wants, but she’s so very creative herself, and a real DIY craftsman.  One of the things I really admire is her wonderful sense of mixing colors, prints and texture. I knew going into this project, that this was not going to be difficult, because knowing Marsha, she already had all the fabrics, materials, cushions, foam, pillows and notions, waiting for me.  All that was missing was my sewing machine and my skills to put it all together.

window2Actually, this was my first window seat.  I had sewn loads of covers for pillows and cushions, but this was something new for me.  Anyway, I loaded my car with all the materials, and for the next few days, my dining table and floor looked like a sea of foam and fabric.  Although I had never sewn a fitted slip cover for 6 feet of foam cushion before, I was confident that I knew enough about sewing that I could figure this out.  So, with prayers and God guiding my hands on my sewing machine, I was able to complete the window seating in a few days. Marsha loved the way it all came together!

lumbar1She was so happy with the way it turned out; she threw in a couple more sewing projects for me.  She wanted new decorative pillow covers for her family room sofa pillows, lumbar pillows for two antique chairs, and new upholstery for two leather ottomans.  By the way, this was the first time I ever upholstered anything! I was feeling pretty confident by this time, after the

sofa3window seating, so I had no doubt that with God helping me again, this would be easy.  Yup! It was a cinch!



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