Meet “The Furry Sisterhood”

Anyone who comes to visit me knows that they will be met by a welcoming committee of the “Furry Sisterhood”.  You’ve only met the furry sisters in my posts through photos, so let me take this time to introduce you to Pikachu, Kiwi, and Coco,  the  “Furry Sisterhood”.

pikaearsPikachu, is the Alpha Dog and the Matriarch of the sisterhood.  We call her Pika for short.  She’ll be 15 years old by the end of this summer.  Pika moves slower these days, but don’t let her fool you!  Whenever anyone enters the kitchen,  she’ll forget pikasither stairs leading from the sofa, and just jump off onto the floor landing on her short stubby legs. She doesn’t see too well anymore with her cataracts, but she doesn’t let that get in her way of finding her food bowl or the treats.  Oh, and she can do a “sit” like no other dog…for a treat, she’ll sit like a 2-year-old puppy.  Even with a few extra pounds, Pika still is the most unusual looking dog, ever!  With her 5 colors, brown, white, black, dappled grey and black, she is one-of-a-kind.  Pika attracts more cameras and questions about her breed than you can even imagine.  When I take her for a walk, cars make u-turns to catch up with us just to see and touch her.

One day, while walking Pika, a car slowed down and pulled up next to me to ask if she was a rabbit on a leash. I replied, “no, but her white fur feels like rabbit fur”.  With that said, he and his wife just had to pet Pika and couldn’t wait to tell their kids about her.  Pika’s ears are so large and floppy when she walks they bounce up and down like a rabbit’s ears.  She has the floppy ears of a Dachshund, but they stand erect because of the Chihuahua genes from her mom.  Pika also gets mistaken for a Corgi dog, because she is so low to the ground, like her dad, the Dachshund.  She is truly one-of-a-kind!

kiwiNow,  there’s little Kiwi, my toy Yorke. I rescued her from her previous owner, because her friend told me she felt that the poor thing was not being cared for very well.  Eventually, the owner gave her up to me. It took some time to get her back in the pink.  When she first came kiwisweatsto me, she was frightened, under nourished, sad-looking, and wearing diapers.  I learned later, that she was locked up in her cage all day while the owners were at work and was only let out when the kids came home from school.

Obviously, her owners were too lazy to potty train her,  which explains why they caged her day and night and kept her in diapers.  After several vet bills, potty training, and lots of love, I’m happy to say, she’s doing very well at 9 years old.  Kiwi is the nervous, hyper, and emotionally needy of the three sisters.  However, don’t let her tiny size and her cuteness fool you, though. She can be very ornery and demanding.  She’s quick, jumps great heights, and is one tough little cookie! She’s cute as a button, loves being dressed up, and is my little fashionista!

Coco, on the other hand, is our little tomboy. She loves to kiss and hug, play frisbee and fetch, and sunbathe out on the balcony, and definitely NOT prissy. Coco prefers black or khaki camouflage vs. pink, and loves her sweatshirt and t-shirts with the skeleton design on the front.  She’s 4 years old, spoiled, thinks she’s a baby not a dog, and believes she’s entitled to all the attention.  If she doesn’t get it, like a spoiled child, she will pout and give you the “I don’t love you anymore” attitude. Part miniature Pinscher and Chihuahua, Coco has the sleek and elegant physique of an Egyptian Pharaoh Hound with her long black neck, tall slender legs, and slender waist.  She’s the perfect model for my dog collars! (Another one of my project’s on my to-do list)

Okay, now you’ve met them all! My apologies for going on about these three sisters, but what can I say, I love them so much!  Don’t you agree, they’re adorable!cocolove



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