Gift Bags That Keep On Giving

When it comes to wrapping up gifts, that’s a whole new bag of tricks for me.   I love wrapping gifts!  What I love is the many creative ways you can come up with to make that gift look really special.

The sky’s the limit with your choice of wrapping material, your container, and your decorative accessories. Today, more and more people use gift bags, because it’s so much more easier to just stuff the gift in the bag, cover it up with tissue, and you’re done!

My biggest problem with the whole idea of wrapping a gift is what happens to all the wrapping stuff afterwards.  Let’s face it, after you spend time wrapping a gift so beautifully, it’s torn into, and eventually all your work ends up in the trash.  Although there are some people who do save the ribbons and maybe even salvage the wrapping paper and the tissue, like I do.

I like to give presents in gift bags that can be recycled or used again. How many of you out there save and recycle the gift bags?  How many of you save your paper bags from department stores?  How many of you save any paper bags at all?


I do!  I save department store paper shopping bags and even paper lunch bags and repurpose them into brand new gift bags.  Yeah, I know.  I’m a crazy person…so I’ve been told!  I weave ribbons around the outside of the paper bags, and embellish them.  I use what ribbons I have on hand, whenever possible.  As for the decorative pieces, I have a very large collection of odds and ends, bits and scraps of broken jewelry, and other stuff that I rummage through.  Sometimes I may find just the right embellishment in my stash, but most of the time, I prefer to custom design a new piece from scratch with the help of my  handy-dandy glue gun.

So, now when I give a gift beautifully packaged, the packaging itself, keeps on giving, because I’ve repurposed it, to be more durable, long-lasting, and reusable, over and over again.

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