Pillow Talk

Let’s talk pillows!  Pillows are just about the easiest thing you can do to decorate or redesign a room in your home. It’s a quick way to bring color into your living room, change the ambiance in your bedroom, or redo any room simply because you want a change.  By the way, meet my 10-year-old Yorke, Kiwi, above…she loves jumping in pillows!

stripes-copyContrary to what most people think, it’s not an expensive thing to do, that is, unless you want to just buy them off the shelf in a department store, or buy them from a designer on-line, of course.  I design and make pillows for friends and family with spritpesonchairpurchased fabrics from a store.Usually, I’ll also purchase the pillow inserts as well.  As for the zippers, they can get pretty expensive, so if you are on a budget, just make pillows without zippers.  If you are short on fabric, make ties at the bottom end your pillows and tie them into a bow to close them.  Or you can overlap the ends on the middle back side of your pillow and stitch all four sides closed for an envelope pillow.

tied copy

When I started making pillows to decorate my place, I didn’t have much money to spend on fabrics and notions, so I used what I already had.  For pillow inserts, I found I could recycle my bed pillows.  You are supposed to change your bed pillows every year, but I like to change them sooner.  When I do change them, I keep the old ones and recycle them into decorative pillows.  I try to repurpose or recycle materials whenever I can.  I’m trying my best to practice Green Artistry in my designs which I will discuss in another post.

I take a standard bed pillow, and cut it in half, move around the filling and reshape the pillow to the size I need, sew up the open end, then take them to the laundry and give them a good wash and dry and, wallah!  Fluffy pillow inserts!

For fabric, I empty out my linen closet.  I look for drapes, shower curtain cover-ups, tablecloths, sheets, throws, anything that I can repurpose.  I took an old quilted bedspread I wasn’t using and cut it up to cover my guest bed pillows.  I didn’t have much closet storage to put the pillows away when I wasn’t using them, so instead of trying to make space to store them, I merely slipped some quilt covers on them and use them on my bed as decorative pillows.  When I have guests, they are readily available and I just have to replace the covers with nice fresh pillow cases and they are ready for guests to use.  With the extra fabric left over, I made small throw pillows.

Of course, pillows aren’t just for human enjoyment.  As you can see, Pika, my almost 15-year-old Daxichu (Dachshund Chihuahua mix) is quite at home with her pillows, just like her little sis, Kiwi.  Of course, I can’t leave out Coco ( Mini Pinscher, Chihuahua mix), my cocopillow-copydaughter’s dog.   She too  loves to dive into those pillows!


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